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Violin And Checkerboard

Juan Gris

Violin And Checkerboard - Juan Gris -

Title:Violin And Checkerboard
Painted by:Juan Gris

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I think this peice is fantastic (:

Posted by lucy on 15.November 2008, 12:32

Gris is such a magnificent painter! Thank you for this vision of beauty.

Posted by Alfie on 3.May 2009, 07:55

amazing beautiful
very good
Posted by lloyd on 21.February 2010, 10:14

Im an art student and I did not know much about this style of art and when I started looking at all the different artist his subject matter in this style really appealed to me. I think his work is very beautiful and I like it very much I have to do a cubist painting in class and I was pretty inspired by his work.
Posted by Debbra Haworth on 16.March 2010, 22:23

pretty cool with the cubism =)

Posted by john smith on 23.November 2010, 22:02

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